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High quality clothes. Original, natural materials. Most of the range is made in Lithuania. These are dresses, coats, pants, blouses, tunics, casual suits. Elegant, classic, cocktail style with modern details. Suitable for work, dress up. We have the possibility to adjust the color, size or make small adjustment in length, increase or decrease span of the shoulders or hips according to the individual model of the dress.


Nikole boutique.

Nicole meaning is derived from the Greek word Nike (victory) and Laos (people). People’s victory is a slogan that arises from the idea of ​​creating an emotion that gives meaning to people’s activities, which would reveal creativity, ambition and productivity. Such people go first and are not afraid of challenges. They speak boldly, “Why not?”. Victory begins precisely with the courage to create an own style that gives the feeling that all the ideas can become a reality. Clothes or posture makes us the masters of our lives. This gives us wings. As soon as we are ready, we rise and uplift beloved ones, friends, acquaintances nearby.


Your dream is our impulse !!!

We will be the first to help you prepare for everyday challenges, important meetings or upcoming holidays.

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